Get Incubated

Getting space at The HUB is not as easy as signing a lease.  We carefully council our clients to ensure that they are making a sound fiscal choice before entering into a lease contract.

Step one: Schedule a tour

Because space can frequently rotate in our facility, it's important to know what's available first.  One of our staff will tour you through our facility and introduce you to what spaces are there.  Fill out a form below to schedule a tour. One of our staff members will get back to you. 

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Step two: Client Application

Once you have an idea of what sort of space you may be interested in, you can fill out a client application that will then be forwarded to one of our business consultants.  

Step three: Your First Consultation

Once you've applied for space, a business consultant will schedule you an appointment to review your application and status.  The consultant may ask to see things such as business plans or financial statements for the company.  They will review with you which space and lease program you are interested in and help you make a determination if the program is a good fit for you.  Be aware that they may suggest other paths or programs than the one you want and will approve you for lease services. 

Step four: Sign your lease

Once you've been approved for a lease, you can schedule your lease signing with our property manager.